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What do you propose?

I propose a brand new system of accounting.

I propose John for secretary.

I propose that we should stop the meeting.

I propose a short test before we continue to work.

I propose that you go to the hospital first.

I propose that matter be considered at next meeting.

I think you'll propose something constructive.


Have you progressed in your studies?

How are you progressing with your drive lesson?

My knowledge of mechanics has progressed greatly.

I hope you'll progress rapidly.

Later it progressed no further.

Further progress is delayed by fun.

It's a law that human progress all times.

I'll see to it that construction is progressing according to the schedule.

Unit 151

I'm profoundly grateful.

I'm profoundly sorry for what I've done.

That is a very profound statement.

I can't tell you how profoundly your words impressed me.

I have a profound respect for the Greek culture.

Those editorial poss profound educational.

I have a profound faith in the power of money.

My father gave me the most profound influence.


I'm nervous in your presence.

In Mark's presence, I'm always silent.

Why don't you make your suggests in the presence of the president?

Don't talk about my illness in the presence of my father.

Tom's calm in the presence of sudden danger.

I'll sign in the presence of all the representatives.

How dare you say so in the presence of my parents?

He's too intimate with me in others presence.


It's our general practice.

Our practice is to offer 5% the total.

It's an old practice..

It's a dangerous practice.

It's my usual practice.

To rise early is the proper practice.

You have to pay for it, that's our practice.

You learn something about traditional Chinese practice.


Knowledge is power.

Developing creativity power is responsibility of the teacher.

This will broaden the power of imagination of the children.

To raise wages means increasing purchase power.

A struggle for power took place in the company.

I have the power to make the final decision.

He is also a man of great power.

The power of money is magical.


The young generation is the hope of the nation.

Your words have given me a fresh hope.

The moment I saw you I knew that there would no hope.

I hope you'll be in better spirits next time.

We'll hope for a better settlement

I didn't do it with a hope of getting something.

I'll have no hope of seeing you any more.

You must have a strong hope of realizing your desire.


That's an ideal place for a picnic.

That would be ideal if you could stay.

Their ideals are peace and prosperity.

That's an ideal place for recreation.

That's an ideal place to reside.

The ideal way is to give a round clocks service.

I haven't found my ideal mate yet.

It's been my ideal since long ago.


I have no idea for the party.

Have you any idea of the future?

You have no idea how I worried I was.

I've thought the same idea. Mary.

My idea is that we should lock it.

People have a different idea of happiness.

I have got a wonderful idea.

I have no idea..


In spite of all the mistakes, it's a good essay.

In spite of the rain, I'll go there.

In spite of the noise, I slept like a log.

In spite of the angry, he took my advice.

In spite of his rudeness, he's actually a kindly-hearted.

In spite of its backward, it's a place of peace and quiet.

In spite of his silence, he's a thoughtful man.

In spite of all the difficulties, we can look at the bright side.


This food there looks inviting.

The pool looks inviting, I want to go for a swim.

The tea smells inviting and tastes fresh.

Your clothes give me your inviting spirits.

Your room is inviting.

The display in the shop window is very inviting.

The site of my hometown is so inviting.

The city is so inviting to me.


Can you make anything out of it?

I couldn't make out what he meant.

It's difficult to make out his idea.

She's so strange, I can't make it out.

I really can't make out why he did so.

I can't make out why he hasn't come.

I couldn't make it out at all.

I can't make it out until you tell me frankly.


I've been missing you so much..

I'll miss you terribly.

I'll miss you all dreadfully.

I'll miss the pleasant talk when you leave.

You can't imagine how much I miss you.

I'll miss your bright eyes and sweet smile.

Do you miss the life on the small island?

I suddenly realize I miss my home very much..


I've met him on many occasions.

You'd better keep silent on such occasions.

On every occasion he calls me younger sister.

I send you my blessing on the happy occasion.

I can't recall the occasion but I've met her.

It's the most joyful occasion.

He talked all his work on every occasion.

We'll celebrate the great occasion.


I've worked hard in order to have a happy life.

I did it in order to spend my holiday at home.

I worked in the vacation in order to make a little money.

I do this in order not to be scolded.

We invite interpreters in order to make foreign visitors feeling at home.

We must speed up in order not to be caught in the rain.

I took up the part-time job in order to learn more about society.

In order to pay for it I have to save as much as possible.

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