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沛沛英语MP3 第八盒[上]



Turn off the music please.

I've forgotten turning off the water.

But the advanced course of French literature turns me off.

People with loud voice turn me off.

Hurry to turn on the radio.

I've turned on the bath water for you.

Rock music really turns me on.

You are not likely to turn voters on.


You'll come in any case.

In any case, you should return it next week.

The Great Wall was built in case of enemy.

Take an umbrella in case of rain.

In case of fire ring the alarm bell.

You may consult it in case of new words.

I'll leave to you in case you need it at night.

In that case I'll have no more to say.


Who's the best singer?

Who was the most beautiful girl in your opinion?

Who was the most popular TV star?

Is it the cheapest one?

What's the most interesting tourist site?

Excuse me, what's the quickest way to get to the station?

He's one the most famous writers in modern time.

He's the most distinguished chemist in Europe.


Thanks for being so frank.

Will you tell me frankly?

I decided to be frank and rejected the proposal.

To be frank with you I like you.

If you want my frank opinion, the plan is not going to succeed.

To speak frankly, I don't like it.

Frankly, it's a very promising experiment.

From all his faults, he is frank and honest.


I doubt the truth of the report.

I'm sorry I doubted it before.

Do you doubt that he'll win?

When you are in doubt, consult the dictionary.

Are you still in doubt about it?

I'm in doubt about his ability.

There is no doubt that I've been selected.

There is no doubt that I can do something for you.


Besides you, no one is qualified.

There are 50 minorities besides the Han Chinese.

Besides knowing English and French, he 's fluent in Italian.

Besides this, what have you got?

This belongs to him he has 3 others besides.

Besides, I want to promise you one more thing.

Besides she is a wonderfully faithful girl.

What could he do besides reading the newspaper?


You have every reason to be late.

The membership is growing every day.

The relationship between the two countries is worse every day.

The son is more like his father every hour.

I'll do my best to help you in every way.

The city is better in every way than your hometown.

The job is better in every way than the old one.

I pay them a visit every hour and then.


I want to get used to speaking English.

You can be used to playing by yourself.

I can't seem used to wearing glasses.

I'm used to being alone.

I become used to vegetarian diet.

I'm used to having my own way.

I've always been used to that hard work.

You'll soon get used to the climate.


I used to go swimming on Sunday?

Earth used to be considered as the center of cosmos.

I used to write poetry at your age.

I used to grow rose there.

If only you were as you used to be.

It used to be very prosperous here.

My father used to play golf.

Did you use to be a soldier?


The traffic is not very heavy today.

The traffic is not too bad today.

We run into the traffic jam today.

The traffic coup is signaling.

There is light traffic early this morning.

You should be watching the traffic light.

You must watch out for the traffic care.

There is a lot of traffic at noon on the highway.


I'd rather watch television.

I won't watch that television show any more.

It'll be showed on television tomorrow.

What's on television tonight?

I watched the game on television.

That's live television.

I'm working in the television field as a report.

We rely mainly on television advertising.


It's time you went to bed.

It's time we ordered a dinner.

It's time they were taught a lesson.

It's time to catch the last train.

It's high time he made up his mind.

It's high time you were washed and dressed.

It's high time you bought a new one.

It's high time you took it seriously.


I don't want go to school ahead of time.

All in good time.

I'll keep it all the time.

We should all the time be aware of our own shortcomings.

At one time I lived in Japan.

The two runners arrived at the same time.

I like it but the same time it frightens me.

The town is 50 years behind the times.


The exhibition is well worth a visit.

His suggestion is worth considering.

That's something worth trying.

The experiment is worth the effort.

This is worthwhile.

Do you think it worthwhile quarreling?

It's not worthwhile losing your temper.

It's not worthwhile keeping it any longer.


Time is the most precious thing in your life.

How quickly time passed!

It's time for spring rain.

Morning is the most pleasant time of a day.

It'll take me a long time.

You'll have a short time to decide.

Times aren't what they were.

Take your time, there is no hurry.


First all, you must be frank.

First all, let me say that I'm glad to be here.

First all, I'd like to make a brief introduction.

I'll do it the first thing tomorrow.

I'll call you the first thing when I arrive.

I'll be here the first thing in the morning.

I'll leave the work to be done the first thing tomorrow.

For the first time I see how vast the world is.


I could have lent you the money, why didn't you ask?

You could have eaten it in raw.

Things like that could have been prevented.

I could have bought it.

You could have been more considerate.

I could have learned it earlier.

You could have listened to my proposal.

Who could have supposed that?


You'll soon get accustomed to it.

I have to get accustomed to the cold weather.

You must be accustomed to getting up early.

I'm accustomed to looking after you.

I'm accustomed to traveling.

I'm accustomed to hard work.

I've become accustomed to school life.

That's her customary smile.


Whatever you say.

Whatever you order, it'll be fine to me.

Whatever dictionaries you have, lend them to me.

Take whatever you want.

Whatever happens, I'm determined to fulfill it.

Whatever books you want, I'll find them for you.

I have nothing whatever to do with it.

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