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波达克(Poldark) 第01季 第01集 第12期


两个都旷费了 Derelict, both of them.

地皮呢 瘠薄荒废 Your land? Barren.

这里没什么好眷恋的了 孩子 There's nothing for you here, boy.

你的将来不在这里 Your future lies elsewhere.

换个职业 A change of profession.

可以当个状师啊 乃至牧师 The law, perhaps? Or even the church?!

你真以为我无能那种事吗 伯父 Do you really not know me, Uncle?

搬去伦敦吧 或许牛津 A move to London. Oxford?

我可以出钱 I'll fund it.

你的学费 米饭钱 Your education, your expenses.

我置信这才是你父亲想看到的 I believe it's what your father would have wanted.

那弗兰西斯呢 And Francis?

你以为他想要的又是什么 What do you believe he would want?

-固然是盼望你乐成 -是盼望我分开 - For you to prosper. - Away from here.

我以为那样对谁都好 I think that would be best for all concerned.

-我会思索 -你该对我感激不尽才是 - I'll think on it. - You should be biting my hand off!

我并没说不会那么做 And may yet do so.

但我得先在本人的地皮上 与我的田户 But till I've exhausted every possibility of making a living

尝尽统统方法营生计 on my own land, among my own people...

你这孩子怎样这么顽固 Damn your stubbornness, boy!

这里地皮荒废 人们没吃没喝 The land is useless, its people are starving,

你为什么还要留下呀 what possible reason is there to stay?!

明天是赶集日吗 Today's market day?

是 老师 是的 Aye, sir, 'tis, sir.

那就别傻愣着了 贾德 Well, don't stand there gawping, Jud,

把我父亲的怀表拿来 fetch me my father's pocket watch.

那是我的狗 Hey, that's my dog!

滚蛋 嘉瑞克 放开它 Get away! Garrick! Get off him!

嘉瑞克 放开它 嘉瑞克 Garrick! Get off him! Garrick!

够了 Enough!

你听我的劝 赶忙滚 Take my advice, you run.

否则呢 Or else?

-他们伤着你了吗 孩子 -别叫我孩子 - Have they hurt you, child? - Don't 'ee "Child" Me, mister.

明天曾经让你们看够乐子了吧 I think we've provided enough sport for one day.

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