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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第09集 第10期


贾斯汀·克莱伯恩 你孤负了这座都会 Justin Claybourne, you have failed this city.

不如你孤负得严峻 奎恩老师 Not as badly as you have, Mr. Queen.

斯巴达 去楼上 绿箭侠需求你的帮助 Spartan, go upstairs. Green Arrow needs your help!

我和阿耳特弥斯就在楼梯间 Me and Artemis are on the stairwell.

我们能更快抵达那边 We can get there faster.

你预备好和这贱人再决高低了吗 You ready for a rematch with this bitch?

早已蓄势待发 More than.

普罗米修斯吓不到我 Prometheus doesn't scare me.

这一战我等候了四年 I've been waiting 4 years for this.

放他走 你这个忘八 Let him go, you son of a bitch.

怎样会... What the...

伊芙琳 Evelyn...

为什么这么做 Why?

由于你不是好汉 Because you're not a hero.

你便是个骗子 You're a fraud.

我们要从你手中解救这座都会 This city needs to be saved from you.

普罗米修斯呢 Where's Prometheus?

他和伊芙琳一同走了 He's gone... with Evelyn.

他把她抓走了 He took her.

他们俩是一伙的 He's working with her.

工场里的工具 Stuff from the plant.

能放到那边吗 Can you put it over there?

奥利弗在哪 Where's Oliver?

他在帮西娅打包 He's with Thea helping her pack.

他要她呆在那边 He wants her to stay here.

莱拉和JJ在超才能结合观察组的平安屋 Lyla and J.J.are at a ARGUS safe house.

通知我你们关怀的人的名字另有和你们的干系 Give me the names and socials of the people you care about.

我确保他们到平安屋 I'll make sure they get to that safe house.

等等 另有什么我们的机密信息 Wait. What other secret information

伊芙琳能够会通知普罗米修斯 could Evelyn have told Prometheus about us?

做好一切事都说了的预备 We want to assume everything.

没有人是平安的 No one is safe.

都怪我 我应该 This is on me. I should have done

观察她更细心点儿 A better job at vetting her?

不是你的错 This wasn't your fault.

说真的 没有人会想到发作这事 Seriously...no one could have seen this coming.

我们没工夫来相互求全谴责 We don't have time to play the blame game.

我们要找到克莱伯恩 We have to find Claybourne.

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