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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第16集 第01期


《绿箭》前情回忆 Previously on "Arrow"...

拉米雷斯老师患了创伤性血胸 Mr. Ramirez suffered a traumatic hemothorax.

我发起将他转到 I'm recommending he be transferred to a facility

可以为他提供所需照料的机构 that can provide the care he needs.

-我爸呢 -先坐下 - Where's my dad? - Have a seat.

他会没事的 He's gonna be ok,

但我得和你说说这事 but I need to tell you about it.

你是想持续被折磨 Want to keep going,

照旧赞同作证 or are you gonna testify?

我们这就走 We're leaving.

你也看到了 和费利西蒂在一同之后 You've seen what having Felicity

我有何等幸福 in my life has done for me.

那种幸福也是你应得的 You deserve that same kind of happiness.

我找到拉斯·厄尔·高福的后嗣了 I've located the heir of Ra's al Ghul.

我们去哪儿 So where are we going?

你想去的任何中央 Wherever you want.

决议权在我吗 It's up to me?

我行过万里路 I'm the well-traveled man.

天下上什么中央我都去过 I've been every place in the world there is.

但你想分开这里 But you want to get out of here

由于假如警员晓得你还在世 because if the police knew you were alive,

就会来追捕你 they'd come after you.

绿箭侠也会 The Arrow, too.

是的 Yes.

假如有人晓得我在那边 If someone knew where I was,

那我俩都市遭殃 it would be unfortunate for both of us.

以是你为什么联络我 So why did you reach out to me?

我不想损伤人 也不想被人损伤 再也不想 I don't want to hurt or get hurt. Never again.

我可以在身心层面教会你刚强 I can teach you to be strong in heart and body.

我可以教你维护本人 I can teach you to protect yourself

如许再也没人能损伤到你 so no one will ever hurt you again.

那是每一个父亲想为女儿做的 That's what every father wants for his daughter.


马尔科姆·梅林的血脉在连续 Malcolm Merlyn's legacy lives on.

这是新的拂晓 This is a new dawn.

厄尔·萨赫尔本要付与我们一个黄金期间 Al Sa-Her was going to bestow on us a new golden age

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