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波达克(Poldark) 第01季 第03集 第09期


我向你包管 'Ee have my word.

我去去就回 I won't be long.

你晓得我爱你 Y'know I love you.

德梅尔扎 我们另有没有 Demelza, do we have any of that...?

白兰地吗 老师 Brandy, sir?

最初的一点藏在法国的壁橱里 Last of that hid in the cupboard from France?

没错 Exactly so.

另有另外事吗 Anythin' else?

有 你能不克不及不要认定 Yes. If you could somehow avoid the inference

我这人很好猜 that I'm utterly predictable?

好的 老师 Yes, sir.

我会只管即便的 老师 I'll try, sir.

我就不应等 I shouldn't have waited!

昨晚就告诉他就好了 I should have made him the offer last night.

您计划怎样办 What will 'ee do?

去访问那些野鸡的主人 休·博德拉根爵士 Visit Sir Hugh Bodrugan, the owner of the pheasants.

罗斯·波达克 Ross Poldark!

也要一同去打猎吗 老师 Are you joining the hunt, sir?

多谢美意 不去了 Thank you, no.

不外盼望您能给我几分钟谈谈 But I would be grateful for five minutes of your time.

有什么事 What can I do for you?

昨晚在您地界上被抓的偷猎者 The poacher taken last night on your land.

作为治安官 想必您肯定要把他送审 As magistrate, you'll have hearing of the case.

他是我的一个雇农 He's an employee of mine.

是吗 Is he, by God.

我情愿赔偿您的统统丧失 I would happily make good any loss

只求您能给他个严峻正告就放人 if he could be let off with a severe warning.

真不巧老师 他已在去特鲁洛牢狱的路上了 Blast me, sir, he's on his way to Truro gaol.

我布置他今早八点承受审讯 I had him committed for trial at eight o'clock this morning.

怎样这么焦急 老师 You were in haste, sir.

耽搁不起啊 打猎九点就开端了 There was no time to lose - the hunt starts at nine.

真是太惋惜了 It's a damned disgrace,

近来丧失了那么多野味 the amount of good game going lost of late.

判这善人绞刑只怕都不解恨呢 Hanging's barely good enough for the villain!

这些个贵族 让我恶心 They disgust me, my own class.

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