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波达克(Poldark) 第02季 第03集 第04期


麦克尼尔上尉 Cap'n McNeil.

波达克太太 Mistress Poldark.

您从您丈夫的审讯中缓过去了吗 Have you recovered from your husband's ordeal?

他被判无罪我每天都心胸感谢 老师 I give thanks daily for his acquittal, sir.

他一定也长一智了 Doubtless he's a wiser man for it.

不再那么好勇涉险了 No more sailing close to the wind.

罗斯便是如许的 Well, you know Ross.

-他在家吗 -进城去了 - Is he home? - In town.

我正巧在左近 昂温·特沃纳斯要我 I'm in the neighbourhood at the behest of Unwin Trevaunance,

来指点当地治安事件 advising on matters of local security.

但我想我还可以去我老战友家 But I trust I may drop in and take a glass of rum

喝杯朗姆酒 或许 看望下老战友的老婆 with my old army comrade, or, indeed, my old comrade's wife?

我来帮您 夫人 Allow me, ma'am.

谢谢 Thank you.

乔治·沃勒根终于把眼线插出去了 George Warleggan finally has a spy in the camp.

这只是早晚的事 It was bound to happen eventually.

但只需其他股东态度不坚定 But provided the other shareholders hold firm,

坦卡德和乔治也别想搞什么举措 Tankard and George can be kept in check.

现在这谣言满天飞的 Well, it's the last thing 'ee need now

你可再禁不起折腾了 with all the rumours going about.

-什么谣言 -你的财政危急 - Rumours? - The parlous state o' your finances.

人们岂非没另外话题可闲扯了吗 Have people nothing better to gossip about?

先失陪了 两位老师 You'll have to excuse me, gentlemen.

早晨矿井见 I'll see you tonight at the mine.

你前次休假是什么时分 When's the last time 'ee took a day off?

我下狱等候审讯的时分 When I sat in jail awaiting trial.

罗斯上尉应该很快就抵家了 Cap'n Ross be home soon, I bla'.

希望云云 I hope so,

终究麦克尼尔上尉是特地来看他的 seeing as Cap'n mcNeil has called especially to see him.

祝您安康 夫人 Your health, ma'am.

说假话 我也是来见您的 In truth, 'twas also you I wished to see,

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