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迷信美国人:Rising CO2 Means Monarch Butterfly Bellyaches2018-08-18
Milkweed grown with more carbon dioxide in the air supplies fewer toxins to monarch butterflies that need the toxins to fight off gut parasites.
迷信美国人:For Some Crows, Migration is Optional2018-08-17
Crows are what's known as 'partial migrants'mdash;as cold weather approaches some crows fly south, while others stay put. And that behavior appears to be ingrained. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Plants Dominate the Planet's Biomass2018-08-16
About 80 percent of Earth's biomass is plant life, with humans about equal to krill way down the heft chart.
迷信美国人:Crickets Carve Tools to Amplify their Chirps2018-08-15
The insects fashion and use quot;bafflesquot;mdash;sound controllersmdash;made of leaves to produce sound more efficiently. Jason G. Goldman reports.
迷信美国人:Solar Eclipse of 2017 Boosted Science Interest2018-08-15
The Michigan Scientific Literacy Survey of 2017 found that last year's total solar eclipse got Americans more interested in celestial science.
迷信美国人:Better Data Could Mean Better Dating2018-08-14
Both men and women tended to pursue mates just 25 percent more desirable than themselves mdash; suggesting they are quot;optimistic realists.quot; Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Computerized Chemical Toxicity Prediction Beats Animal Testing2018-08-14
Researchers programmed a computer to compare structures and toxic effects of different chemicals, making it possible to then predict the toxicity of new chemicals based on their structural similarity to known ones.
迷信美国人:To Evolve Baleen, Lose Your Teeth First2018-08-10
Whale ancestors probably never had teeth and baleen at the same time, and only developed baleen after trying toothlessness and sucking in prey.
迷信美国人:Whales Suck--So They Evolved Baleen2018-08-09
Whale ancestors probably never had teeth and baleen at the same time, and only developed baleen after trying toothlessness and sucking in prey.
迷信美国人:Corn Variety Grabs Fertilizer from the Air2018-08-08
A variety of corn from Oaxaca, Mexico, has aerial roots that harbor nitrogen-fixing bacteria, allowing the corn to suck nitrogen straight from the air. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Birds Learn Safety From Other Kinds of Birds2018-08-03
Birds become good at avoiding danger by eavesdropping on the alarm calls of other birdsmdash;and the learning occurs without even seeing their peers or predators. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Microbes Share Your Morning Metro Commute?2018-08-02
An analysis of the Hong Kong metro found that microbes, including some with antibiotic resistance genes, freshly disperse throughout the system each day. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Mouth Sets Healing Standard2018-07-31
Certain proteins that coordinate the healing response are present at higher levels in oral tissuemdash;meaning wounds in the mouth fix faster. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Some Crows Hit On Dead Companions2018-07-31
About five percent of crows will attempt to copulate with other crows that have joined the choir invisible .
迷信美国人:Border Wall Could Disrupt Hundreds of Species2018-07-27
More than 2,500 scientists signed a letter saying that an expanded U.S.ndash;Mexico border wall would threaten both biodiversity and scientific research. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Ancient Tooth Tartar Traps Clues to Iron Age Diet2018-07-25
By analyzing the proteins in ancient dental plaque, archaeologists determined that British menus almost three millennia ago featured milk, oats and peas. Christopher Intagliata reports.
迷信美国人:Honey Bee Alarm Signal Could Protect Elephants2018-07-24
Chemicals designed to simulate honeybee alarm pheromones could deter elephants from farmersrsquo; crops, easing conflicts with humans. Annie Sneed reports.
迷信美国人:Sea Level Rise Could Inundate the Internet2018-07-21
Extreme sea level rise could swamp internet cabling and hubs by 2033mdash;and coastal cities like New York, Seattle and Miami are at greatest risk. Christopher Intagliata reports.
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