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新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson60:AT HOME在家里2010-06-26
You’re always on the phone with your mom for hours.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson48:At the restaurant在餐馆2010-06-26
I’ve never had fried chicken this good before.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson59:AT THE BOOKSHOP在书店2010-06-25
This book is very popular right now with little boys.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson58:PLAYING SPORTS 做体育活动2010-06-25
When I was running, I twisted my ankle.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson57:AT THE GYM在健身房2010-06-24
It’s never good to put such a high value on appearances.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson56:AT THE DISNEY THEME PARK 在迪斯尼主题公园2010-06-24
He’s not as common around here as Mickey Mouse.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson55:AT THE RAILWAY STATION 在火车站2010-06-23
The Northeast corridor is the busiest section of the country for train travel.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson54:AT THE AIRPORT在机场2010-06-23
The arrival time has been delayed due to bad weather.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson53:AT THE BUS STOP在大众汽车站2010-06-22
The exhaust fumes are choking me.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson52:AT THE OFFICE在办公室2010-06-22
I heard there’re going to lay off some people this quarter.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson51:AT THE HOTEL 在旅店2010-06-21
Room service can be called at the front desk.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson50:AT THE POLICE STATION在警员局2010-06-21
My client has made some very convincing allegations of police brutality.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson49:IN THE BARBER’S AND HAIRDRESSER’S在剃头店和发型屋2010-06-20
Just a little trim on the top and shave it close on the sides.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson48:AT THE RESTAURANT在餐馆2010-06-20
I’ve never had fried chicken this good before.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson46:AT THE POST OFFICE在邮局2010-06-19
I’ve been expecting a package that should have been here two weeks ago.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson47:AT THE BANK在银行2010-06-19
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson47:AT THE BANK在银行
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson44:AT THE CINEMA在影戏院里2010-06-18
I think this scene was filmed in my hometown.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson45:AT THE HOSPITAL在医院2010-06-18
We have no spare beds right now.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson43:AT THE PARTY在聚会中2010-06-17
I think some people are leaving to go to another party.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson42:IN THE LIBRARY在图书馆里2010-06-17
This library needs to get some more up-to-date books.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson41:ON THE CAMPUS在校园里2010-06-16
I’m trying to finish the reading assignment for our physics class.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson40:ASKING SOMEBODY TO DO SOMETHING 叫或人干某事2010-06-16
Just return the book when you’re finished with it.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson38:IDENTIFYING PEOPLE AND OBJECTS 识别人和物2010-06-13
Those are my shoes under the chair.
新英语900句之根底篇 Lesson39:DESCRIBING PEOPLE AND OBJECTS描画人和物2010-06-13
I want the small kitten with the orange stripes.
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