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中国人的大众举动 Chinese Public Behavior2018-04-16
Chinese economy develops very fast in last few decades and a lot of people get rich. In foreigners eyes, Chinese people are everywhere.
影戏分级制度 Movie Rating System2018-04-16
In America, children cant see all movies in the theater, because the government has made up the rule that the theater need to sell tickets according to the rating system.
真正的中国 The Real China2018-04-15
Many Chinese people believe that the big country like America is very powerful and it is the capital of the world. Actually, people have been brainwashed by the Hollywood films and start to undervalue our country.
别那么苛刻 Don't Be So Mean2018-04-15
Nowadays, Internet has been the main way for people to get to know about the world. Many fans follow their idols information by the social software.
在大人们眼前扮演 Perform In Front of The Adult2018-04-14
Most children have experienced such strange situation. When their parents meet some friends, they will be asked to show their talents in front of these adults.
不要拿年事当捏词 Don't Take the Age as Excuse2018-04-14
One day, when I had lunch in a restaurant with my mother, there was a small boy next to me. He was very naughty and making noise.
扯谎 Telling Lies2018-04-13
We are educated to be an honest person and it is the precious merit. But no one can be honest all the time. We will tell lies to cover the mistakes we have made or sometimes we are not telling the truth for making others feeling better.
共享单车的生存 The Life With Ofo2018-04-13
Two years ago, the ofo became popular in China. The government advocated ofo plan and wanted to facilitate peoples lives.
关爱贫穷 Caring For the Poor2018-04-12
Its known to all that Chinese economy developed very fast in the last decades and a lot of people have improved their life standard greatly.
中国有高速公路吗?Does China Has Highways?2018-04-12
China has the largest population in the world. As there are many China-towns in the world, it shows that Chinese people are everywhere, because the traditional idea advocates that the more children, the better for a family.
我的故乡 My Hometown2018-04-11
Before I go to middle school, I live with my grandparents in the hometown. It is the most beautiful place for me in the world. The environment is so clean.
天下上最美的言语 The Most Beautiful Language In the World2018-04-11
It is said that French is the most beautiful language in the world. I heard it when I was very small, which was from a textbook.
胜似亲人 More Than A Family2018-04-10
There is an old woman lives next to my house. She lives alone because her only son works in another city and cant go home often.
怙恃的爱 Love From Parents2018-04-10
I was born in an ordinary family. Though my parents wont buy me all the things I want, I know they love me. Every day, when I come home after school, my mother is always waiting for me with delicious food.
亚洲人的刻板印象 The Stereotype of Asian People2018-04-09
According to the research of American population in 2014, it has been reported that Asian people were only about 6% in America, which was a very small group.
消耗者权柄日 World Consumer Rights Day2018-04-09
Commercials ads can been seen everywhere and people are easy to be attracted by these colorful ads.
讲堂上制止带手机 No Cell Phones In the Classroom2018-04-08
There is no doubt that cell phone has been part of our life. We use it to keep in touch with our friends and families. Its functions have been developed a lot as time goes by.
春节 Spring Festival2018-04-08
In China, Spring Festival is the biggest day. People will come back home and enjoy spending some time with their families.
十年后的我 Me, in Ten Years2018-04-07
Now I am in a middle school, and I wish I could grow up soon. I always imagine what would I do in ten years. At that time, I would have already finished my college and come to the job market.
净化题目 Pollution Problem2018-04-07
Recently, a Chinese student who studied abroad delivered a speech at the graduate ceremony.
传统文明 Traditional Culture2018-04-06
Today, as the development of technology, people work with efficiency and some of the traditional hand-made work have been abandoned.
国度丛林公园的建立 The Building of National Forest Park2018-04-06
Chinese economy develops very fast, while the most obvious cost is the pollution of the environment, especially in the rural areas. The rivers become smaller and the water is really dirty.
恭敬别人 Respect Others2018-04-05
On March 11th,1999, a protest activity was held by the local residents in America. They were driven away from where they lived by the government, but the government had promised them to be a permanent residents before.
天下就寝日 World Sleep Day2018-04-05
Nowadays, most people are lacking of sleep, because part of them like to hang out at night and then stay up, or some of them are asked to work overtime.
汉语风行全天下 Chinese Language Is Popular Around the World2018-02-25
In China, English is the necessary subject for students to learn. Many students complain about the difficulty to learn second language, while comparing with the foreigners learning Chinese, English is much easier for us to master.
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