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写信 Writing A Letter2018-07-11
I have a very good friend, and we knew each other when I was in my hometown.
共享单车 Bike-sharing2018-07-10
Ofo has been favored by the public, even the foreign people speak highly of it. These yellow bikes can be found everywhere, so the people who are in a hurry can use it and then reached the destination in time.
关于小植物 About Little Animal2018-07-10
When I was very small, I lived in my hometown. My grandparents raised two dogs, and I liked them very much. I watched them grow up from the little animals to the big dogs.
活动会开幕式 The Opening Ceremony of Sports Meeting2018-07-09
Every year when the autumn comes, there will be a sports meeting in my school. I am so impressed by the opening ceremony. Every class will march on the ground and show their features, which is very funny.
将来的汽车 The Future Car2018-07-09
Many years ago, I saw an interesting movie. It pictured the future life that people could fly in the sky by cars. Of course, I dont think it will happen in the coming time.
我的校园 My School2018-07-08
Before I came to middle school, I felt so excited about the new life, and I had prepared for it for the whole summer vacation.
放鹞子 Flying Kites2018-07-08
When the autumn comes, the weather will become cool and people can feel the wind. In my hometown, there will be a famous contest, which is to fly kites.
我想对你说 I Want to Say2018-07-07
When I come to middle school, I have make friends with new faces and I learn a lot from them. The most important thing is to be independent.
剪纸 Paper Cutting2018-07-07
China has the history of more than five thousand years. As a result, there are many traditional arts that have been inherited, such as paper cutting.
升国旗 Raising Flag2018-07-06
Since I go to school, every Monday, the school has the tradition to hold the ceremony of raising flag. At this moment, when I hear the national anthem, a sense of pride will arise in my heart.
圣诞节 Christmas Day2018-07-06
For most western countries, Christmas Day is the biggest festival, and all the people will have the long vacation, just as Spring Festival in China.
乐于助人 Be Helpful to Others2018-07-05
When I start to receive education, both my parents and my teachers tell me to be nice when others ask for help and I remember their words.
关于友谊 About Friendship2018-07-05
关于友谊 自从我上中学以来,我交了许多冤家,最侥幸的是我遇到了我最好的冤家.
创新 Creativity2018-07-04
Many years ago, I saw a very impressive movie. The protagonist asked another character about what was the most precious thing in the new era and the answer was talent.
伴随 Company2018-07-04
When I was very small, my parents were very busy, so I stayed in the hometown with my grandparents. When I met problems, the first thing I did was to ask help from my grandparents.
我的爸爸 My Father2018-07-03
People always say that love from father is as strong as the mountain, which gives us the great strength to move on.
中国文明 Chinese Culture2018-07-03
老鹰捉小鸡 Eagle Catches Chicken2018-07-02
In every person's childhood, they will play some classic games, such as hide and seek, which has been popular among children around the world.
爱 Love2018-07-02
助桀为虐 Be Happy About Helping Others2018-05-08
Since we go to school, we have received the education that helping others is the thing that we can be proud of. So when we give people a hand, we will be happy.
我的好冤家 My Good Friend2018-05-08
I like to make friends. Thus, coming to the new environment, I am so eager to meet cool people here and be friends with them. Li Mei is my good friend, she is a really nice and cool girl.
我的抱负 My Dream2018-05-06
When people ask me what kind of job I want to work on in the future, my answer is definitely being a teacher.
我的小同伴 My Partner2018-05-06
I have a good friend, her name is Li Hua. We are in the same class. So it is natural for us to become partners.
关于亲情 About Kinship2018-05-05
I was born in a big family. There are five people in my family and I have two sisters. Whats more, my father has three brothers and sisters, so when the family gets reunion, and the whole families come to have dinner, it looks like a big party.
我的教师 My Teacher2018-05-05
The first day when I started my middle school life, I felt so lonely, because I didnt know anyone who was around me. My teacher Miss Li was like our parent, and she arranged everything for us.
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