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最好的学习团队 The Best Study Team2018-02-24
In the English class, the teacher asked us to set up the study group, so that she could give us some interesting tasks. There were four students in each team.
我做过的猖獗的事变 The Crazy Things I Have Done2018-02-24
People always say that youth is the basis to do a lot of things. Indeed, young people can do what they want and try to do some crazy things to leave good memories.
我的信心 My Faith2018-02-20
It is true that nobody can live the perfect life, because we will meet all kinds of difficulties. The one who can handle the problems well will be the winner.
刻板印象 Stereotype2018-02-20
It is known to all that most western people think the Asian people are poor and rude, because they never come to their countries and only judge the Asian people from the media.
假如我生机了 If I Get Angry2018-02-20
Everybody will get angry when they have argument with others. The way to deal with the bad mood is very important. If we cant handle well, we may lose the important person in our life.
最心爱的内政官 The Cutest Diplomatic Officers2018-02-20
Recently, the news reported two pandas were sent to Holland for more than ten years. People there held a great celebration, and felt so happy to see these two lovely creatures.
情商和智商 EQ and IQ2018-02-20
People judge whether a person is smart by the IQ. Indeed, IQ can make people more outstanding, while EQ also plays the important role in helping people be favored by others.
高兴的意义 The Meaning of Hard-working2018-02-20
Since I go to middle school, I have to learn many subjects. Though I am not the best student in class, but I wont give up. I always tell myself to work hard, because if I want to compete with other students, I need to make great effort.
一位父亲的信 A Father's Letter2018-02-20
People always say that a fathers love is like the mountain, which means the love is strong but not obvious, because men are generally not good at expressing themselves.
什么是芳华 What Is Youth2018-02-20
Youth is the most beautiful time to a person. When they are young and beautiful, they can do whatever they want.
一位紧张的教师 An Important Teacher2018-02-20
People always say that a good teacher can change a students lifetime, and I agree with it. I started to learn English since I went to middle school, but many of my classmates had learned it before, so they always got high mark, and I felt so distressed.
空中的交通规矩 The Traffic Regulations On the Ground2018-02-20
Nowadays, smart phone has been part of our life. We can see people lowing down their heads and playing smart phones all the time. When people are walking on the street, the traffic regulations are no longer their first concern.
维护人类的冤家 Protect Our Friends2018-02-20
In foreigners eyes, most Chinese people eat cats and dogs, because the media always report the negative news about how we mistreat animals.
生长的树木 The Growing Trees2018-02-20
It is known to all that today the environment has been badly polluted. Though many action have been taken to protect our environment, it still has a long way to go.
特殊的假期 The Special Holiday2018-02-20
It is known to all that Guangxi province is famous for its various culture, because there are many minorities. Recent years, the local government carry out a policy of taking a break on March 3rd, which makes it the special day for Guangxi Province.
册本的代价 The Value of Books2018-02-20
Everybody needs to go to school when they are six years old. They start to study many subjects. Half students fall in love with study, while another half take it as a job, they just want to pass the exams and then get graduated.
迷失在迪士尼 Lost In Disneyland2018-02-20
Disneyland is favored by every child, because it is like a paradise. Children can enjoy making friends with funny cartoon characters, such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse and so on.
高兴的童年 My Happy Childhood2018-02-20
Before I went to middle school, I lived with my grandparents. At that time, I stayed in the country, which was the most beautiful place for me.
神奇的音乐 The Amazing Music2018-02-20
Music is part of our life, nearly everybody will listen to the music, no matter what nation they are from. Music is divided into many types, such as the blues, the country music, the rock and roll.
国足的提高 The Improvement of Chinese Football Team2018-02-20
Last night, my father went home early. After finishing dinner, he opened TV and then watched the football match. It was such an exciting game.
我爱我的故国 I Love My Country2018-02-20
Once, the old China was poor and lagged behind the world, but since the policy of Reform and Open has been carried out, China develops very fast and now its market is booming.
成为一个好的说话者和倾听者 To Be a Good Talker and Listener2018-02-20
We need to communicate every day, because it happens all the time. It is important to be a good talker, so that other people will understand what we say.
爱丽丝的最初章节 The Last Chapter of Alice2018-02-20
Many years ago, I saw a very exciting movie, which called Resident Evil. The protagonist was a girl, whose name was Alice. She woke up one day and found the world was different.
突如其来的到访 The Unexpected Visit2018-02-20
Today, when I went home after school, I heard smiling sound from the door. When I opened the door, I found my grandparents were talking with my mother.
篮球竞赛 Basketball Match2018-02-20
Since I came to middle school, I spent some time to get used to the new environment. Now I have made many friends here and I get along well with my classmates.
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