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我拥有的幸福 The Happiness I Have2018-05-09
I am a small girl and live in an ordinary family. I have many friends and we always play together. We talk about everything and share our happiness and sorrow.
妈妈,我想对你说 Mom, I want to Say To You2018-05-09
I live in an ordinary family, but my parents give me all their love, especially my mom.
童话 Fairy Tale2018-05-08
Since I was very small, I always asked my parents to read me the fairy tale before I slept. So I can have a good dream.
我选择的路 The Road I Take2018-05-08
There is a famous poem about the decision of taking the road. It tells us once we make our choice, we cant regret.
我的抱负 My Dream2018-05-06
I like to read novel so much, especially the novels about how to find the murder.
我的妈妈 My Mother2018-05-06
If people ask me what kind of job is the greatest work in the world, I will tell them housewife job.
我的爸爸 My Father2018-05-05
My father is a businessman, and he is very busy, but he will never miss the important moment of mine.
我的冤家 My Friend2018-05-05
I am so lucky to have a friend who knows me well. Her name is Lily.
我发明了什么 What I Have Found2018-05-04
There is an strange old man who lives near my house. He doesnt talk much and likes to hang around in the living zone.
关爱 Concern and Love2018-05-04
Not long ago, a deputy to the Peoples Congress put forward an idea that anyone who abandoned pets should be condemned.
我想要做的事变 The Things I want to do2018-04-12
As a child, I want to do a lot of things. The first thing I want to do is to taste all kinds of food.
天下上最美的女人 The Most Beautiful Woman In the World2018-04-11
In the story of Snow White, the bad queen always wants to kill this girl, so as to keep herself being the most beautiful woman in the world.
差别的口胃 Different Flavor2018-04-11
As I live in the south of China, I like to eat food with sweet flavor. Someday, there comes the new people who live next to my house.
是谁决议了将来 Who Decides the Future2018-04-10
As a child, I get used to do what my mother tells me. I will get lost if my mother doesnt give me the task.
植树节 Trees Planting Day2018-04-10
Every year, on March 12th, our school will have the special activity. We need to plant trees in the campus. We are so excited to see trees growing every day.
妈妈的爱 Mother's Love2018-04-09
As a child, I always complain about my mother, because she talks too much and wont satisfy me all the time.
谁偷走了你的空想 Who Steal Your Dream2018-04-09
A person is easy to feel down when he meets difficulty. The dream he chased seems to be stolen, because it is so hard to realize.
妒忌之心 A Jealous Heart2018-04-08
Once in a story, there are two old ladies and they are sisters. One day, the elder sister gets the magic and makes herself become young and beautiful.
假如地球上没有水 If There Is No Water On Earth2018-04-08
Teachers always ask us to save as much water as possible, but most students just forget it quickly.
刚强的人 The Strong Person2018-04-07
We are told some inspiring stories in the class, but when I really see the person around me, I feel the great power.
关于爱 About Love2018-04-07
Recently, I saw an interesting commercial ad. The celebrities asked people the question what would you do for love. I thought of this question for a while and my parents lingered on my mind.
人民的保卫者 The Guards of People2018-04-06
Policemen protect the publics live all the time. When there is danger, they will be the first one to come to solve the problem.
一个发明汗青的男孩 A Boy Makes History2018-04-06
When most kids go to school and study the knowledge, few special kids have made their history. A small boy from America wins the international contest by defeating adult competitors.
我的故乡 My Hometown2018-04-05
I live in my hometown for many years before I move to the city. I miss the days when I stay in the countryside. I can see the blue sky and the green trees all the time.
第一场雪 The First Snow2018-04-05
I was born in the southern area, so I have never seen snow in the winter in my life. This year, I was so excited to take a visit to my uncles family.
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