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以爱为主题的作文 Love2018-07-10
There are four people in my family. They are my parents, my sister and I.
暖和 Warm2018-07-10
There is an old lady who lives next to my house, she is always alone. One day, I asked her why she was always only one.
冬天 Winter2018-07-09
Most people like autumn, because the weather is cool.
我的同窗 My Classmate2018-07-09
My classmate Li Hong is a very nice girl. The first day I met her, she helped me to know other students name.
课间非常钟Ten Minutes' Break2018-07-08
Every time when the class begins, I will expect the time to goes quickly, then I can come to the break time for ten minutes.
宽容 Tolerant2018-07-08
My mother always says that I am a naughty girl. When I go out with her, I always make some mistakes.
人与植物 Men and Animals2018-07-07
Since I go to school, the teachers always tell me that animals are our friends. If they disappear from the earth, then we wont live for long.
文具盒 Pencil Case2018-07-07
I like to collect pencil case when I am in grade two, because I am so crazy about the lovely cartoon pictures.
关于情谊 Friendship2018-07-06
I have a very good friend, and her name is Li Hong. She is a very nice person that she always helps me to solve many problems.
活动会 Sports Meeting2018-07-06
When autumn comes, our school will hold the sports meeting. I will be very excited about the big event.
丛林防火 Protect Forest From Fire2018-07-05
Nowadays, the environment has been polluted badly, the government tries hard to call for the public to return the world green.
六一儿童节 Children's Day2018-07-05
Today is Children's Day. Early in the morning, I feel so excited, because I know the teachers have prepared some surprised for us.
我的父亲 My Father2018-07-04
My father is a classic Chinese father. He doesn't talk much, but I know he loves me so much.
暑假 Winter Vacation2018-07-04
秋日 Autumn2018-07-03
路 Road2018-07-03
My mother always tried to let me make my own choice.
高兴的一天 An Happy Day2018-07-02
高兴的一天 明天,我们李教师带我们出去展开课外运动,我们都感触很高兴.我们去博物馆观赏汗青文物.
空想 Dream2018-07-02
When I was very small, I had always heard many stories from my uncle, because he traveled a lot. So I have made up my mind.
我拥有的幸福 The Happiness I Have2018-05-09
I am a small girl and live in an ordinary family. I have many friends and we always play together. We talk about everything and share our happiness and sorrow.
妈妈,我想对你说 Mom, I want to Say To You2018-05-09
I live in an ordinary family, but my parents give me all their love, especially my mom.
童话 Fairy Tale2018-05-08
Since I was very small, I always asked my parents to read me the fairy tale before I slept. So I can have a good dream.
我选择的路 The Road I Take2018-05-08
There is a famous poem about the decision of taking the road. It tells us once we make our choice, we cant regret.
我的抱负 My Dream2018-05-06
I like to read novel so much, especially the novels about how to find the murder.
我的妈妈 My Mother2018-05-06
If people ask me what kind of job is the greatest work in the world, I will tell them housewife job.
我的爸爸 My Father2018-05-05
My father is a businessman, and he is very busy, but he will never miss the important moment of mine.
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